A simple mission...

To develop a yogic ecosystem that is naturally integrated into your daily lifestyle. 

And, in order to accomplish this mission, we aim to provide the following benefits: 

  • More Yog-centric products 
  • Environment conscious solutions 
  • Close to natural products for a natural experience 
  • Solutions to chronic health problems such as backache 
  • Solutions to Contemporary problems such as stressed eyes 
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To develop a yogic ecosystem that is naturally integrated into your lifestyle from cradle to nirvana.


To become a pioneer in providing a natural lifestyle to the masses which is sustainable for physical, mental, and spiritual evolution. 

While YogSense aspires to grow as a business, but not at the cost of our nature and your needs.  

We strongly believe in everything that is practically organic. Be it growth, research and development or even our relationship with you.  

We, as a corporate, always strategize to protect mother nature and ensure the well-being of our customers. 

In short, we are not aiming to reach Mars! 

Our minimalist enterprise model uses this strategy from procurement to delivery right in your hands. 

For us, performance matters most than the presentation! We avoid any synthetic material as much as possible. We use most natural cotton fabric, reclaimed wood and bamboo as raw materials. Our handmade products and packaging are not everything robot-driven but manually done to ensure meals are on the needy’s plates. 

Our lean sales and marketing approach aims at the best pricing with the perfect balance between growth and customer satisfaction. 

Because every time you use YogSense products, you experience the divinity of nature! 

Experience of Nature is our Primary Customer Experience.