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Cotton Yog Mat/Mowel Mat (Vastraasani) - Washable / Recyclable / Foldable by YogSense™

Cotton Yog Mat/Mowel Mat (Vastraasani) - Washable / Recyclable / Foldable by YogSense™

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Vastra or cloth are considered our second skin; the more we use it, the more they become part of our consciousness. Vastraasani, a seat made of cotton, takes you to elevated relaxation when used in daily Yog practices. 

If you are doing a rehabilitation Yog or relaxing after a stressful day, even when doing some intense Yog on a sunny day, Vastraasani is your right companion. Vastraasani is made of cloth and is a perfect stress buster.  The Vastraasani breaths with you while doing the Yog, resulting in an ideal energy balance in your body.  It helps contain what's necessary and dissipates what's in excess, thus giving an equilibrium state. 

Vastraasani is also ideal for deep sleep meditations such as YogNidra / Shavaasan. People who have back issues may use double-cushioned Vastraasani for better body adjustments.

It comes in a perfectly blending and trendy carry-on bag to  fit your modern lifestyle with your natural one.  Its foldable so storage will never be a problem as it can fit into your laptop bag or vice versa!

Made of natural products such as cotton and natural rubber, you will always feel proud while using this, washability is just another feather in the cap should you are keen on hygiene and multipurpose usage.


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