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Grass Yog Mat (Kushaasani) - Green Mat by YogSense™

Grass Yog Mat (Kushaasani) - Green Mat by YogSense™

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Yog is deeply inspired by nature. If you look deep into the various postures defined in the Yog are named after the instincts or postures of the animals. Like postures, Yog also aspires to be ingrained within nature as much as possible. 

Kusha is a long grass grown in India/Srilanka and

other tropical countries. It has a significant role in meditation and Yogic

practices. The Aasani ( seats ), made of Kusha grass, uniquely provides insulation and shielding from external radiation.

As per Yogic, science Kushaasani can be considered a cocoon under which a person can embark on his inner journey without worrying about external or internal distractions.

The advanced yogis use Kushaasani to attain the perfect silence and even Nirvana! It is believed that Buddha, the medieval-time yogi, used to practice his meditation on Kushaasani.

It comes in a perfectly blending and trendy carry-on bag to  fit your modern lifestyle with your natural one. It can be used indoor as well as outdoor.

Made of natural products such as river grass and cotton, you will always feel proud while using this, washability is just another feather in the cap should you are keen on hygiene and multipurpose usage.


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