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Woolen Yog Mat (Oornaasani) - Washable / Recyclable / Foldable by YogSense™

Woolen Yog Mat (Oornaasani) - Washable / Recyclable / Foldable by YogSense™

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Oornasani is made of wool, a natural energy enhancer or insulator. Using Oornasani, your body starts training to regulate the energy generated during the Yog. It helps remove distractions from energy loss or not feeling one with your seat during crucial practices such as meditation, pranayam or even simple Yogic practices.

A perfect seat for calm Yog types, such as Kundalini Yog! 

Regarding physical support, the extra cushion of a blanket or wool gives you the vital support required during different Aasans or postures. 

Our Oornasani comes in two variants - indoor and outdoor.  They are washable, so you don't have to worry about dirty aasanis while thinking about going out in nature and being one with it in your quest for it!

It comes in a perfectly blending and trendy carry-on bag to  fit your modern lifestyle with your natural one.  Its foldable so storage will never be a problem as it can fit into your laptop bag or vice versa!

Made of natural products such as wool, you will always feel proud while using this, washability is just another feather in the cap should you are keen on hygiene and multipurpose usage.


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