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YogDanda - Meditation Post by YogSense™

YogDanda - Meditation Post by YogSense™

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One of the biggest challenges during meditation is a physical distraction.  It can come in many ways, such as the inability to sit upright for a longer time. Even advanced Yogis of the Himalayas also face the same issue.

We can't remain upright for long due to various reasons. The continuous weight on our hip bones and suppressed veins makes our legs uncomfortable sometimes even numb. The sages who developed Yog realized this was not the battle they wanted to fight against their body and waste time. Hence they developed YogDanda – a wooden post they can lean on while experiencing deep meditation.

This simple tool can help you beyond just meditation practices; you can correct your posture, cure back pain, and read in leisure while keeping your neck stress free! Essentially anything you want to do that requires long sitting, the YogDanda can be a boon.

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