Customers Reviews


  • Comfortable Cotton

    "I recently purchased a new cotton yoga mat made of comfortable cotton material and I must say, I am thoroughly impressed with it. Not only does it meet all of my basic requirements, but its-antislip quality surpasses any foam or other mats I have used in the past.

    As someone who believes in practicing yoga in the most natural way possible, I find that this pure cotton mat is the perfect fit for me. Additionally, the yoga bag that came with it is super fancy and easy to carry around, making me feel confident when I take it to the office"

  • Relieving back and shoulder pain

    "I highly recommend the Meditation Post for its great quality and durability. It has definitely been worth the money. I highly recommend it. One of the features that makes it better is the detachable wooden piece that can be adjusted for size. 

    This product has been a great help in relieving my back and shoulder pain, especially during meditation"

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